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Those you do see are predominantly from local businesses promoting local services.

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American Legal Publishing Corporation provides these documents for informational purposes only. These documents should not be relied upon as the definitive authority for local legislation.

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The Rochdale child sex abuse ring involved underage teenage girls in RochdaleGreater ManchesterEngland. Nine men were convicted of sex trafficking and other offences including rape, trafficking girls for sex and conspiracy to oldham prostitution in sexual activity with in May This resulted in Greater Manchester Police launching Operation Doublet to investigate further claims of abuse with 19 men so far being convicted.

In MarchGreater Manchester Police oldham prostitution for its failure to investigate the child sexual exploitation allegations more thoroughly between and Twelve men were initially charged with sex trafficking and other offences including: rape, trafficking girls for sex and conspiracy to engage in sexual activity with. Nine men were convicted, of whom eight were of British Pakistani origin and one was an Oldham prostitution asylum-seeker.

Documents: federal agents engaged in sex acts with victims

Of the three not convicted, one was cleared of all charges, the jury was unable to reach a verdict in the case of the second, and the third was oldham prostitution present at the trial after fleeing oldham prostitution Pakistan whilst on bail. Two worked for the same taxi firm and another two worked at a takeaway restaurant; some came from the same village in Pakistan and another two men shared a flat. The abuse of underage girls that occurred in and centred around two takeaways in Heywood near Rochdale.

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Despite one victim going to the police in to report the oldham prostitution groomingthe Crown Prosecution Service CPS decided not to prosecute two men, invoking the witness's lack of credibility. Between andRowbotham made more than attempts to alert police and social services but was told the witnesses were not reliable. As a result of the CPS dropping the case, the police halted their investigation, which was d oldham prostitution a second girl made complaints of a similar nature in December The victims, vulnerable teenagers from deprived, dysfunctional backgrounds, were targeted in "honeypot locations" where young people congregated, such as takeaway oldham prostitution shops.

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One victim, a year-old known as the Honey Monster, acted as a recruiter, procuring girls as young as 13 for the gang. The victims were coerced and bribed into keeping quiet about the abuse by a combination oldham prostitution alcohol and drugs, food, small sums of money and other gifts.

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The oldest person to be convicted, Shabir Ahmed, [17] was for a while the main trafficker of the victims. On one occasion he ordered a girl aged 15 to have sex with Kabeer Hassan, as a "treat" for his birthday — Hassan then raped the girl.

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Victims were physically assaulted and raped oldham prostitution as many as five men at a time, [1] or obliged to have sex with "several men in a day, several times a week". Some gang members told the court the girls were willing participants and happy having sex with the men.

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The ringleader, year-old Shabir Oldham prostitution, claimed the girls were "prostitutes" who had been running a "business empire" and it was all "white lies". He shouted in court, "Where are the white people? You have only got my kind here. The trial concluded in May with the nine convictions. Shabir Ahmed received the longest sentence, 19 years for rape, aiding and abetting a rape, sexual assault, trafficking for sexual exploitation and conspiracy to engage in sexual activity with children. Kabeer Hassan was sentenced oldham prostitution nine years for rape and conspiracy to engage in sexual activity oldham prostitution children.

Abdul Aziz received a oldham prostitution sentence: nine years concurrently for trafficking for sexual exploitation and conspiracy to engage in sexual activity with children. Abdul Rauf was sentenced to six years for trafficking for sexual exploitation and conspiracy to engage in sexual activity with children. Adil Khan was sentenced to eight years for the same offences.

Mohammed Amin received a five-year sentence for sexual assault and conspiracy to engage in sexual activity with children.

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Another five-year sentence was given to Abdul Qayyum for conspiracy to engage in sexual activity with children, while Hamid Safi received four years for trafficking for sexual exploitation and conspiracy to engage in sexual activity with children. May stated the revocations were "conducive to the public good". Following the break up of the first sex ring in Maythe police made arrests in relation to another child sexual exploitation oldham prostitution in Rochdale. Nine men between 24 and 38 years old were arrested on suspicion of sexual activity with.

He said the investigation was at "an extremely sensitive stage" and street grooming was the force's top priority, "a bigger priority than gun crime". He said the investigation was looking at cases in Rochdale dating back to In Marchten men aged between 26 and 45 were charged with serious sex offences against seven females aged between 13 and oldham prostitution at the time.

The alleged offences that took place in Rochdale between and included rape, conspiracy to rape, inciting to engage in sexual activity, sexual activity withand sexual assault.

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The case raised a serious debate about whether the crimes were racially motivated. Ann CryerLabour Oldham prostitution for Keighley, recalled in a BBC documentary filmed in that she had worked with the families of the victims involved, and had been "round at the police station virtually every week" and was "begging" both the police and social oldham prostitution to do something. Cryer said, "Neither the police nor social services would touch those cases.

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I oldham prostitution it was because they were afraid of being called oldham prostitution. Tim Loughtonthe Minister for Children and Familiessaid that while there was no evidence that ethnic communities condoned child sexual abuse, he was concerned that some had been slow to report it to the police, and urged police oldham prostitution social workers not to allow "political correctness around ethnicity" to hinder their work to apprehend such criminals.

Oldham prostitution latethe Office of the Children's Commissioner began a two-year long inquiry into child sexual exploitation by street gangs. A report by The Times on 5 Januaryrelated to convictions for child oldham prostitution grooming in the North and Midlands. Of the 56 offenders convicted since for crimes relating to on-street grooming of girls aged 11 to 16, three were white, oldham prostitution were Asian of which 50 were Muslim, and most were from the British Pakistani community.

Hilary Willmer, representing a Leeds-based support group for parents of sexually exploited girls, the Coalition for the Removal of Pimping Cropwas quoted as saying "The vast majority [of] perpetrators are Pakistani Asians", [36] with sources inside Crop claiming a percentage as high as 80 per cent although, The Independent said that "Kurdish, Romanian and Albanian gangs were also involved".

Willmer added: "We think this is the tip of the iceberg", although she cautioned against treating the matter as a race crime: oldham prostitution a criminal thing. Inthe Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre launched a five-month long investigation into whether there was a link between racial profile and the crime of underage grooming.

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The organisation defined underage grooming as any situation where or young person received a gift in exchange for sexual favours. It drew statistics from organisations such as Barnardo's but the findings were considered inconclusive by expert academics because not all the figures had oldham prostitution compiled in the same way and ethnicity had not always oldham prostitution noted with each reported crime.

Wendy Shepherd, child sexual exploitation project manager for Barnardo's in the north of England, said that since she started working with the organisation, there has been "a shift oldham prostitution the men oldham prostitution children in ones or twos to something that is much more organised in groups and networks. She noted that white male predators on the street tend to work alone. She added: "The danger with saying that the problem is with one ethnicity is that then people will only be on the lookout for that group — and will risk missing other threats.

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The former head of Barnardo's, Martin Nareysaid on Oldham prostitution Radio 4 's Today programme: "For this particular type of crime, the oldham prostitution grooming of teenage girls in northern towns … there is very troubling evidence that Asians are overwhelmingly represented in the prosecutions for such offences. In a BBC documentary investigating grooming young girls for sex by some Pakistani men, Imam Irfan Chishti from the Rochdale Council of Mosques deplored the practice, saying it was "very shocking to see fellow British Muslims brought to court for this kind of horrific offence.

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He said the actions of criminals who thought "white teenage girls are worthless and can be abused" were "bringing shame on our community. Sayeeda Warsico-chairperson of the Conservative Party, in an interview with the Evening Standardsaid "You can only start solving a problem if you acknowledge oldham prostitution first," and added, "This small minority who see women as second class citizens, and oldham prostitution women probably as third class citizens, are to be spoken out against.

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Nazir Afzalwho as the newly appointed chief crown prosecutor decided to bring the case to trial, said that gender, not oldham prostitution, was the key oldham prostitution "There is no community where women and girls are not vulnerable to sexual attack and that's a fact. Hindu and Sikh groups have objected to media use of the "Asian" description saying that the culprits were "almost always of Pakistani origin" and "Muslim".

Rochdale child sex abuse ring

They contend that clouding the issue by calling them "Asians" is unfair towards other groups and detrimental to a frank discussion. Two of the convicted gang members worked at Eagle Taxis, which was taken over by Car after the scandal. The company's owner said that due to requests, clients could choose to have a white driver but this was reversed after 50 Asian drivers protested. One study suggested that the British media's portrayal of Oldham prostitution Asian men as perpetrators of sexual violence against white victims is an example of a moral panic.

Actress Maxine Peake starred in the series as Sara Rowbothamthe sexual health aid worker who first uncovered the patterns of severe abuse in the area, but struggled to bring it to the attention of authorities. A further investigation was carried out by oldham prostitution British government in Decemberwhen the Home Office published their findings, showing that the majority of child sexual exploitation gangs oldham prostitution, in fact, composed of white men and not British Pakistani men.

Research has found that group-based child sexual exploitation offenders are most commonly white.

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Some studies suggest an overrepresentation of black and Asian offenders relative to the demographics of national populations. However, it is not possible to conclude that this is representative of all group-based CSE offending. Writing in The GuardianCockbain and Tufail wrote of the report that "The two-year study by the Home Office makes very clear that there are no grounds for asserting that Muslim or Pakistani-heritage men are disproportionately engaged in such crimes, and, citing our research, it confirmed the unreliability of the Quilliam claim".

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In Decemberthe case review by Rochdale County was leaked, which highlighted findings from an internal police investigation. The review acknowledged that police officers might have discriminatory attitudes towards the victims, that the victims were interviewed by detectives oldham prostitution training in child exploitation and no strategy when victims returned to their abusers. One example mentioned was the issue of child protection for one of the victims, which was discussed in 40 meetings, without any record of police attendance.

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Also cited were a lack of managerial oversight in and and lack of resources and managerial support for the investigations oldham prostitution formal requests. Finally, officers did not challenge a Crown Prosecution Service decision not to prosecute. The review recommended the Greater Manchester Police establish a monitoring system and commit to maintaining oldham prostitution exploitation team.

On 13 MarchGreater Manchester Police oldham prostitution for its failure to investigate child sexual exploitation allegations more thoroughly between and The apology was made after a review by the Independent Police Complaints Commission "examined the conduct and actions of 13 officers who were involved in Operation Span and the policing of Rochdale Division.

Assistant Chief Constable Dawn Copley said that, at oldham prostitution time of the earlier investigation, "there was a strong target driven focus, predominantly on serious acquisitive crime. At best this was distracting for leaders and influenced the areas that resources oldham prostitution focused on". She said that seven officers had been served oldham prostitution misconduct notices, but no further disciplinary action would be taken against them.

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Copley said: oldham prostitution apologise to the victims and we give them our assurance that lessons have been learned, changes have been made and we are determined to use this to continue making improvements. One of the seven officers retired without any sanctions being taken, even though his misconduct was found to have warranted disciplinary oldham prostitution. Main article: Operation Doublet. Greater Manchester portal.