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ENFJs are idealist organizers, driven to implement their vision of what is best for humanity. They often act as catalysts for human growth because of their ability to see potential in other people and their charisma in persuading others to their ideas. They are focused on values and vision, and are passionate about the possibilities for people. ENFJs are typically energetic and driven, and often have a lot on their plates.

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ENFJs are eternal people-pleasers.

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They are extroverted, idealistic, charismatic, enfj personality type, highly principled and ethical. This set of traits ensures that an ENFJ can usually connect with others of varying backgrounds and personalities.

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ENFJs rely more on intuition and feelings, living more in their imagination than the real world. This can be troublesome, for the individual themselves and those around them.

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ENFJs tend enfj personality type be influential without even trying. ENFJs are loyal, reliable, and genuinely kind for no other reason than wanting something better for themselves and for others.

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He believes that finding his purpose in the whole scheme of things is more enfj personality type than material possessions. Due to their extroversion, idealism, and charisma, many ENFJs become politicians, social workers, humanitarians, artists, coaches, or teachers so that they may reach out to others and spread some goodness in the world.

Strive to find balance What is most interesting about the ENFJ personality is that he finds pleasure in the company of other people, but he also yearns for time alone.

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This is due to his extroverted personality and his intuitive character. An ENFJ should strive to find a balance between the two — to find enough time to reflect on things in his life, but also have time for other people.

When the ENFJ spends too much time alone, he has a tendency to feel depressed. When he spends too much time with others, he tends to feel overwhelmed and unable to process everything that has been on his mind. He needs to be able to find time for himself and time for others.

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Tendency to seek approval An ENFJ must be aware that he has a tendency to seek the approval of other people too much. He needs to feel that others think highly enfj personality type him, and that they feel that he is as much of a good person as he is trying to be.

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Unfortunately, what others think of him takes precedence over what he feels and thinks about himself. Understanding your personality is one of the most important things you can do to create a happy and fulfilling life. Are you an ENFJ?

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