Developing a Simple PHP Template Engine

Simple PHP Template Engine

A PHP Template Engine is a utility used to separate the presentation layer from an application logic. In the business environment the use of template engines benefits in two main ways: easier maintenance and delegating responsibilities.

Developing a JavaScript Spreadsheet in Ten Minutes – Part 1

JavaScript Spreadsheet

In this tutorial we are going to create a simple JavaScript Spreadsheet app for any purpose. The code used in this tutorial can be a start point for your own project; however, we will develop an application that will look like an Office Excel program.

In the Part 1 we will create the base of our JavaScript Spreadsheet web application, and in the next parts we will add more functionality, such as formulas, importing/exporting .csv files, etc.

PHP Web Scraper: the Easiest Way to Parse Web Pages

PHP Web Scraper

Sometimes developers have to scrape webpages in order to find the information they’re looking for. Sometimes it can be done easily, but other times it can be very difficult. In our situation, we’re going to write a simple PHP Web Scraper that will save lots of your time and money. Basically, web scraping is a process of extracting data from a webpage…

How to Make a Sticky Footer with Flexbox CSS3

Sticky Footer

The broken layout happens when the page doesn’t have enough content to push a footer to the bottom of screen, leaving an enormous area of a whitespace below it. Obviously, we want to have a sticky footer that is guaranteed to stick to the bottom of the webpage. In this tutorial we’re going to learn

How to Integrate Google reCAPTCHA v2.0 with PHP

Google reCaptcha

Spam is a huge problem for website owners at the current moment. Spam is everywhere. But what can we do with it? We have lots of options how to secure our websites; however, the most effective is a use of Captcha. So, what’s the purpose of these strange input fields? The purpose is very clear…